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Gutter ball

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From the gutter, why should we trouble at their ribaldries?
And shall we be ashamed because we comfort men from ugliness?
Do we smile or do we weep or wait quietly till they sleep?
When in storm they shelter here and we soothe their fears away.
We know they'll whistle their good-byes next fine day and put to sea.
On the manly calendar we only mark heroic days.
Do we smile or do we weep or wait till they sleep?
They are children when they weep
We are mothers when they strive
schooling our hearts to keep
the bitter treasure of their love.
Do we smile or do we weep or wait till they sleep?
Benjamin Britten Peter Grimes, Opus 33 - Act Two, sung by the nieces, Auntie, and Ellen

Joseph William Allen (1803-1852); held at Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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